Message from the Chairperson




The Department of Real Estate and Construction Management (RECM) is one of the Departments within the School of the Built Environment under the College of Architecture and Enginnering. The department adopted the name RECM in 2005 during the restructuring of the University of Nairobi’s faculties, when the merger of the former Departments of Land Development and Building Economics and Management was done. The Vision of the Department is To be a leading centre of professional training in real estate, quantity surveying and construction management while our  Mission  is To train top notch professionals in the disciplines of Real Estate, Quantity Surveying and Construction Management through teaching, research, consultancies and industrial linkages.

As a department, we pride in being the leading centre of training professionals in the fields of valuation, property/ facilities management, land administration, Quantity Surveying and Construction management. These programmes are offered all the way from Diploma level where we have a Diploma in Estate Agency to Doctorate levels as enumerated in the Table below.

Diploma and Bachelor’s Degrees

Post graduate diplomas and Master’s Degrees

PhD programmes

Real Estate

Diploma in Estate Agency & Property Management

Bachelor of Real Estate (BRE)

Postgraduate Diploma in Housing Administration

Masters degree in Housing Administration

Masters degree in Valuation & Property Management

Masters degree in Building Management

PhD in Real Estate

PhD in Housing Administration

PhD in Valuation

Construction Management

Bachelor of Construction Management (BCM)

Masters degree in Construction Management

PhD in Construction Management

Quantity Surveying (BQS)

Bachelor of Quantity Surveying (BQS)

Masters degree in Construction Management

 PhD in Quantity Surveying


Our department has continued to register growth in the student enrolment and the income it contributes to the University. The enrolment has moved from 299 student in the academic year 2005/2006 to 1197 in the year 2014/2015. Although the increase has presented a few challenges, the Staff at the department have shown collective resolve and sacrifice to keep our vision alive.

As the current Chair of the department, I wish to take this earliest opportunity to urge on the strong Faculty and all staff of the Department to ensure we pull together take our department to great heights. As a renowned professional in the land sector, my pledge to my department and all my Staff is that we shall work together as a team to drive professionalism, standards and quality premised on the principles of hard work, integrity, inclusiveness and ethical values that will make our students the number one sought after graduates in our disciplines. Our commitment as an office is not just confined to academic outputs but we aspire to support all of us to grow as professionals in our various disciplines. This we shall do by encouraging personal and collective initiatives of all our members of staff through networking and industrial linkages besides being committed to each other’s welfare.

To our students, my office and the offices of all our members of staff are open for consultation at all times. We intend to build cohesion and unity of purpose between the students and staff based on courtesy and mutual respect. However, on their part, students must know that as staff our sole agenda is working hard towards making them better professionals and as such mediocrity in character and academic performance may not be acceptable in RECM. That calls for timeliness, honesty and integrity both in matters of academic nature and other areas of their lives.