Kilimani ward has grown in population over the past number of years, the level of infrastructure
has also improved, and the road network to be precise has improved tremendously. Kilimani is
considered a suitable residential area and a favorable commercial business hub due to its close
proximity to the Nairobi Central Business District.
This research project was aimed at investigating the effects of construction and maintenance of
roads on the demand for apartments as housing units within Kilimani ward. The study looked
into the development of apartments and their demand, with regard to the role of road network
development and maintenance within Kilimani ward. The research methodology involved
interviewing and administering questionnaires to the respondents about their perception of the
state of road infrastructure development and maintenance and its effects on the demand for
apartments as housing units. The study objectives were to determine the level of road network
development in Kilimani, to establish the factors considered by tenants when selecting Kilimani
as their residence and to determine the frequency and state of maintenance of the roads within
The study is organized into five chapters. The first chapter is a general introduction to the
study. The second chapter comprises of the literature review that gives a conceptual view of
the study. The third chapter describes the methodological framework to be used in attaining
the stated aim and objectives of the study. The fourth chapter contains data analysis and
presentation while the fifth chapter contains a summary of the research findings, research
conclusion and the researcher’s recommendations.

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