The main aim of this study was to study how Kenyan local contractors can effectively
manage building materials particularly on procurement. In the building contract or otherwise
stated the contractor shall procure building materials in accordance with the contract. It is
therefore important for the contractor to procure the building materials in time so as to avoid
project delays.
The study objectives of this study are to:
i. To identify the various challenges facing the local contractors in the procurement of
building materials.
ii. To identify the sources of these challenges.
iii. To suggest possible solutions that would minimise the challenges ascertained
The research hypothesis was that the challenges facing Kenyan local contractors in the
procurement of building materials are mainly caused by factors beyond their control.
To prove this argument two sets of questionnaires were administered. The first one to local
building contractors and the second one to material suppliers within Nairobi County. The
total of number local contractors studied were 38 and material suppliers were 29. The result
from the fieldwork was analysed using tables, pie charts and bar graphs.
It was found out that most challenges local contractors face were caused by factors which
are not within their control. The challenges included delayed payment by clients, suppliers
default, government, delayed instructions by the architect and lack of sufficient involvement
by structural engineers and quantity surveyors etc. Various possible solutions were evaluated.

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