Infrastructure is an important pillar in the development of any Country’s economy. Road is a key
infrastructure, since it helps to connect one place to another. Lack of a proper road network leads
to reduced economic activities for instance slow movement of goods and services for example
that of perishableagricultural goods from one place to another, traffic snarl ups which in turn
leads to reduced productivity and also leads to both land and property values to go down.
In this project, the effects of the development of the Northern by pass are discussed, how it
contributed both positively and negatively to Ruaka and the surrounding areas, where the former
prevails more. Ruaka is a developing town which has been seen to have benefitted more
positively due to the development of this road.
This area was chosen due to constrain of time, resources and its proximity to Nairobi’s Central
Business District. It also represents many centers’ where infrastructure has developed and caused
similar results as to the once experienced by this centre. Secondary data collection included
written sources such as newspapers, magazines, the internet, both published and unpublished
materials among other materials. Primary data entailed four sets of questionnaires which were
administered to local residents, developers, land owners and farmers and the Real Estate
Professionals such as agents, valuers and land planners.
The study established that the development of the Northern bypass had a direct impact on the
land and property values in the study area. It was further noted that Ruaka had increased its
number of properties and opportunities in the field of Real Estate development; hence this led to
increased services, increase in population, improved transport system among other findings.
The study further recommended appropriate measures that should be undertaken in order to
regulate and control land use change and developments in the study area and its neighbouring
estates, which included Preparation of a physical development plan, public involvement in
projects approvals, employment of more professionals to ensure proper and professional growth
and development of the study area and also the entire County among other recommendations.

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