This study aims at finding the benefits of green buildings over conventional buildings in a
financial perspective. The study is a simple cost benefit analysis of green buildings.
The study was done to create a business case to relevant stakeholders in the industry and
show that investing in green building is not only good for the environment and human
health but also has more returns as compared to conventional buildings..
The study was more of a comparative study between an existing one green and one
conventional building; the researcher compared the construction and operational cost of
the buildings in terms of; electricity, water and insurance costs. He also considered the
savings on medical bills costs of occupants and the improvement of work productivity
due to increased work comfort. He then found the net present value of the benefits and the
costs of green buildings to see if it was financially viable.
The data collected and analyzed showed that investing in green buildings has higher
returns than conventional buildings. Despite having higher costs of constructions, the
researcher found out that green building saves a lot of finances in terms of operational
cost and are a more worthy investment in the long run.
Findings also show that not only do green buildings play a crucial role in improving work
productivity and the health of building occupants; but also improves the corporate image
of the companies who build green.
The work concludes with recommendations for sectorial action.


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