Cost monitoring and control has become more sophisticated and it is quickly becoming a service
that the Employer is expecting from the Quantity Surveyor (QS) to ensure that he/she receives
value for money and make sure the cost of the project is kept within the budget. Though cost
monitoring and control is very vital, it is still a time-consuming process which and at times the
results cannot be relied on and are therefore inconsistent. This research sought to determine the
extent of use of each WinQS module for cost monitoring and control.
The objectives of this study were to identify the extent of use of each WinQS module and
investigate their effect on a project’s cost monitoring and control. It also sought to find out the
reasons for the adoption of the most popular module and the challenges facing the adoption of the
less popular modules.
The reviewed literature shows the several applications of WinQS modules all geared towards
improving cost monitoring and control processes. Participants who used the software modules in
the construction industry were studied to establish the relationship between use of the WinQS
modules and their effectiveness in cost monitoring and control. A survey was conducted among
the construction firms. All the respondents were based in Nairobi.
The main findings of the study were that the WinQS software modules enhanced effectiveness on
cost monitoring and control depending on the frequency of conducting cost checks and the level
of understanding of the modules of the person using it.
It was consequently the conclusion of this research that optimal utilization of these modules leads
to effective cost control and monitoring. Also, the study concluded that the reason for the adoption
of the most popular module, the bill production module is that it saves a lot of time in project
design and stores data in an easy and accessible manner. Furthermore, the challenge facing the
adoption of the less popular module is lack of finances to purchase the modules.
The study recommends more research to be done on these software modules so that they are
utilized and their weaknesses identified. Secondly, they should be introduced in the university
curriculum so that from 2nd year to 4th year and each student should learn how to use at least three
of the modules, this will enhance their skills as future employees. Lastly, the study endorses for
sensitization and education of all those involved in using the modules. By so doing, the potential
of these modules will be unlocked and the limitations of cost monitoring and control in the
construction industry will be eased.

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