The measure of a projects success is based on three main parameters; time, cost and quality. If a project is finished within the set parameters, then the project is successful and if not the opposite is true. Using these parameters then the construction industry and especially public projects, is failing. Studies have identified that inadequate planning is one of the reasons why projects aren’t finished on target time and cost among other factors. This study sought to find out the extent of adoption of MS Project Software in project planning and control.
The objectives of this study included; identification of extent of application of MS Project in the public sector by contractors and determination of the relationship between use of MS Project and the projects level of performance and lastly identification of the challenges faced in implementing MS Project in public construction projects.
The reviewed literature shows that MS Project is the most widely used project management software. This is due to the fact that MS Project is easier to use and cheaper compared to other softwares. The literature also established applications of MS Project that were all geared to ensuring that time and cost is adequately controlled. A survey was conducted among the contractors involved in public projects in order to establish a relationship between use of MS Project and reduction of delays and cost overruns
The main findings of this study were that for MS Project to have a positive impact on the project’s success, then the program schedules had to be updated regularly.
It was the conclusion of this study that if MS Project is utilized for all its applications and that the program schedules are updated frequently, then its use will lead to reduction of delays and cost overruns. It was also established that lack of adequate training of the personnel was a major hindrance to its use.
This study recommends that all parties to the project should be trained on how to use the software and also be educated on the importance of adequate planning on a projects success. In addition, the program schedules should be updated regularly, preferably once a month and in so doing the delays and cost overruns experienced would be reduced

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