Construction project delays remain a contentious issue in the global construction scene of today and have resulted in many studies being carried out to debunk on various factors which influence these delays. The construction being a labor intensive industry bringing together many participants propelled this research to highlight on social and cultural influences on the productivity of the construction team members and its consequence in causing delays in construction projects.

Social and cultural factors are shared values and norms of a people within a given geographical environment which steers competitiveness. For a long time, socio-cultural influences have been less acknowledged on their level of influence on productivity in construction projects which has resulted in many cases of delays within the local construction market. A research study in the form of questionnaire was issued on various construction participating teams to help to demystify the presence of these factors in the Kenyan construction industry. A 69% response rate was achieved. Some of the social and cultural factors which were explored in this research study included education trends, corruption and unethical practices, matters of religion and its practice, cooperation and performance, traditional cultural practices and self expression.

Data collected was analyzed on Microsoft Excel to show the prevalence of these factors in causing delays. The study explored the level of impact of the findings and concluded that Corruption activities and matters of religion were the most influential constants in causing delays in construction projects. The research provided recommendations as to how to mitigate socio-cultural issues in construction projects such as performing background reviews of project employees to understand their social and cultural behaviors before recruiting them in the construction project.