The construction industry is very dynamic in nature due many uncertainties in budgets, technology and development processes. Building projects are becoming more difficult and complex since the project team is facing various unprecedented changes. The study of cost control as the critical success factors is considered to be important in improving the effectiveness of project implementation. Consequently, this research was conducted in order to make an attempt to identify various variables which influence cost control in CDF construction projects thus their success. Based on the results of the survey, the researcher anticipates that certain patterns will emerge regarding cost control indicators for measuring project success.

Many construction firms, private developers and the government have recognized the need of effectively controlling the cost of construction projects. One of the means to this end has been to ensure that all cost control measures are employed and followed to ensure that a project is completed within the set time and cost. To avoid unnecessary delays and cost overruns, it calls for greater cooperation between the client, his consultants and the contractor.

This research looks at the cost control problems and factors leading to cost control problems in CDF construction projects. The research also looks at indicators of cost control problem and the extent to which cost control measures have been applied in CDF construction projects. The research concentrates on CDF construction projects whose cost is over 1.3 million and the primary data is collected from the PMC members and quantity surveyors from the ministry of public works in Nakuru County. The data is collected by use of structured questionnaires and analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS).

The findings were that there is a serious cost control problem in CDF construction project. These problems often lead to cost control inefficiency indicators such as abandonment of projects, long period of completion and poor quality of works. Most contributing factors to these indicators were under the control of the PMC members but little effort was put in place to prevent them from taking place. The study recommends that the government emphasizes on the importance of cost control in the projects that it funds. This should be done by reviewing the CDF Act and increasing the number of technical officers at the district level.

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