Physical planning guides development and growth, thus, land use planning enables
organized development by designing for projected growth to ensure compatibility. However,
for land use plans to be of value, efforts must be geared towards their implementation,
especially in the advent of urbanization. The study sets out to investigate the various
constraints that have impeded effective implementation of the land use plan in Limuru. It
aims to find out the challenges that the municipal council has faced and the effects they have had in the development of Limuru town. In addition, the level of interaction between the municipal council and the residents of Limuru in the implementation of the plan is
The hypothesis of the study suggests that various constraints impeding effective
plan implementation by the municipal council has had a negative impact in the development of the area.The study reviewed a wide range of literature relating to land in terms of itsconceptual framework, highest and best use, plan, planning and control, the planner,implementation of land use plans in Britain and Kenya, the take by the draft Nation LandPolicy on land use planning and the implementation of the land use plans, challenges in theimplementation, the effects that these challenges cause, the process of plan preparation andimplementation, actors in the plan implementation, land use planning instrumentations inKenya and also the legislations that are followed. The background of the study area has alsobeen discussed.The findings of the study reveal that there exist various constraints that hindereffective implementation of the land use plan in Limuru chief among them being that theexisting plan has been there for more than forty years and there it has been inadequate inaddressing the developments that have been coming up every day. There is also a gapbetween plan preparation and implantation in Limuru town since these two functions arecarried out by different departments, whereby the planner is for the whole Kiambu County.These and other constraints have resulted to disorderly development of the town and othernegative impacts.The study also makes recommendations on the specific issues raised by theobjectives guiding the study as well as on the general issues of plan implementation

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