Demand for real estate with the aim of accomodation or making investments has always been there. Real estate is one of the key pillars for a country‚Äüs economy as urban land value is influencing both in urban planning and in real estate activities. Identifying the factors influencing land values is of great importance in identifying future urban development and also in anticipating the propable changes.The study covers Kitengela town and aims to discuss spatial and urban factors which influence the urban land values in the township and also establish the weight of each factor to determine the factor exerting the greatest change in land value. To study the factors influencing land values in the township, the following variables have been considered; structurural variables, neighbourhood variables, nutural and the built enviroment and also the social and economic characteristics of the built environment. The researchers interest is to establish the variations and see how the factors influencing the variations are in line with the factors advanced by theorists such as von thunen as influencing value.Variations of land values within an urban area are from one region to another or between various uses. The researcher found out that one location within the same township has different values from another location within the same urban area. There are also variations in land values in areas with similar land uses and between various land uses. It was also found out that there was increase in land prices as well as changes in land use activities. The main headlines that represent the factors contributing to these changes are population changes, accessibility, security, spatial configuration and increase in the level of economic activities in the township.Based on the analysis, the researcher concludes that accessibility is the most effective factor influencing land values within the township. This study is of importance as it offers recommendations to the problem brought about by the high rate of increase in land prices which include; expansion of infrastructure and social amenities, comprehensive land use planning and provision of cheap housing.

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