With the advent of the ICT in the Kenyan construction industry, different sectors in the industry embraced it. From the inception of the proposed structure to the handing over of the finished product, the entire construction process has gone digital, thanks to the introduction of the computer softwares. However, not every player in the industry has embraced the introduction of the softwares. This phenomenon has evidently been manifested by the low number of those utilizing Construction Project Management (CPM) softwares in the Kenyan construction industry. This study was therefore carried out in order to study the training of construction project managers on the use of project management softwares. The objectives of the research aimed at establishing the popularity level of the current forms of training offered to construction project managers on the use of softwares, assess the level of experience that project managers using any of the recommended softwares have on the construction project management , challenges faced in training construction project managers on how to use softwares and to find out whether the kind of training received by the respondents affects the supply and demand of their construction project management services into the Kenyan Construction Project Management industry. To achieve the objectives stated, questionnaires were administered to construction project managers working in the Ministry of Public Works, those working in private firms and those working with construction contractors. Interviews were also conducted to seek clarity on some matters whenever the respondents had some extra minutes to spare. Presentation of data has been done in the form of tables and figures for ease of analysis and understandability by the reader. The findings of the study show that majority of those using CPM softwares to execute their work have attained certificate level with formal methods of training being the most popular, i.e. attending training institutions. Moreover, those utilizing the softwares have less experience in the industry. The training affects the demand and supply of construction project managers as being able to use CPM software is used as one of the qualification requirements. A myriad of challenges also affect the training of construction project managers as it is an expensive
investment and the course programme is lengthy. Besides, upgrading of software or introduction of a new software program with more powerful features rendering the previously utilized THE TRAINING OF CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGERS ON SOFTWARE USE Page xv softwares obsolete, discourages some potential software users from embracing CPM software use.It was concluded that there was need for the government, together with other stakeholders in the Kenyan Construction project management industry; to consolidate their efforts in encouraging more project managers to embrace use of softwares by lowering the fees charged in the training institutions; reviewing the training curriculum making it possible for those employed to be able
to enrol and increase their skills; the government also to ensure that those who pay training levy, enjoy maximum benefits and enhance aggressive awareness campaigns on the benefits of proper training of construction project managers on CPM software use. This improvement as put forward by the researcher in accordance with the study would serve to better the training process of construction project managers on the use of CPM softwares.

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