An Analysis of the Impact of Nairobi City’s Growth on Surrounding Towns

The study was provoked by the adoption of Nairobi Metro 2030 strategy by the Government of Kenya that plans to absorb and incorporate all surrounding satellite towns and municipalities around Nairobi City. The strategy aims to grow and develop the Nairobi Metropolitan Region into a world class African region that is able to create sustainable wealth and offer a high quality of life for its residents, the people of Kenya, investors and offer unmatched experience for its esteemed visitors.
The researcher chose Kiambu as a case study for this research project as it falls under the regions that will be under the Nairobi Metropolitan Region. Kiambu has been considered one of the regions to watch for the next decade because of its land use change and transformation to real estate development and construction of major roads. Also with creation and running of County governments throughout the whole country, it is deemed to grow and develop tremendously. This provoked the researcher to carry out a study to determine and analyse the effect of the growth of Nairobi on Kiambu.
The study was done between November 2012 and May 2013 mainly considering data from Kiambu. The main objective of the study was to understand the dynamics of Nairobi’s growth and then determine its effects on Kiambu.
From the study it was established that the major effects of Nairobi’s growth on Kiambu were increase in real estate development and rise in land and property values within the County especially to regions near to the Nairobi City. Factors that facilitated these effects were the construction of the Thika Super Highway and Northern Bypass; and the proximity of Kiambu to Nairobi City. The researcher recommended to the authorities in Kiambu County; Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development; Vision 2030 and other stakeholders in the planning and development process to facilitate the implementation of Nairobi Metro 2030 plan, encourage investment and maintain necessary infrastructure and address issues of land use to ensure sustainable environment.

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