RECM Gets a New Chairperson
Date and time: 
Thu, 2016-06-16 09:28

Winfred Mwangi, Phd (Land Administration) Nrb, MISK

University Of Nairobi, Kenya

 The department of real estate and construction management recently got a new chairperson Dr. Winnie Mwangi - Nyika. How well do you know her?  The following is a short summary of Dr. Winnie in her own words.

Also known to many as Dr. Winnie Mwangi-Nyika, Dr. Winnie is an articulate, open minded, confident lady who pursues excellence in all areas of my life. I am endowed with intelligence, wisdom and commitment to undertake tasks presented to me within set timelines.

Professionally, I have almost attained the highest level of training and skills in land administration and estate agency and have hands-on-experience in, teaching, research and consultancy in the said areas. Yet, I believe that there is no end in learning and so I always find ways of improving my skills.

I am an easy going, humble personality with excellent communication and motivational skills, gifts that I try to use in impacting positively on the lives of young people that I encounter in the institutions that I serve. My goal in life is to become a better person each day and improve the lives of those that God sends my way in whichever little manner I can. And when I am not serving society, I spend a great amount of my time with my family as a wife, mother and a sister, roles that I hold dearly to my heart. My hobbies include dozing on the couch in the evenings…., leisure golfing, walking and poor cooking, her own words, not mine!

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