Some of the Prominent RECM Department Alumni
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Prof. Chris Kiamba

Former P.S Ministry of Higher Education

Dr. Mohammad Swazuri

Chairman National Land Commision, Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor Administration Finance and Planning Technical University of Mombasa , Senior Lecturer at Department of real estate development,  management and valuation, amongst other courses. Joined University in 1980- 84 for Bachelor of Arts in Land Economics,University of Nairobi, 1984-986 Master of Arts in Housing Management, University of Nairobi, 1987-1997 Doctor of Philosophy in Land Economics, University of Nairobi. Ph.D. (Nairobi), MA.(Nairobi), BA.(Nairobi), OGW


Dr. Tomiik Konyimbih

Member National Land Commission Kenya 2013, Senior Lecturer, Department of Land Development& Researcher, Department of Land Development. 1981-85 University of Nairobi B.A. (Land Economics) 1st Class Honours.


Dr. Margaret Gachuru

Assets Manager, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Musalia Mudavadi

Former Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Local Government ,Bachelor of Arts, Land Economics (Hons) M.I.S.K. (RV) Graduate of the University of Nairobi


Ms. Alice Njambi

Principal Councellor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Mary Kimani

Vice Chair, Nairobi Water and Sewerage, Chair Department of Real Estate and Construction Management.


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