Project Business Environment

Headed by: Arch. Peter Njeru



Today, our buildings from design, constructions to post-occupancy management are responsible for more than 40 percent of global energy consumption and more than one third contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. It is however interesting to note that our buildings, having a relatively long lifespan, have a great potential in curbing the effects of climate change in the long-term. 


This Thematic Area is concerned with the development and dynamics of sustainable practices in the built environment right from feasibility, to conception, design, supervision, construction and management.

The focus is on how students and staff fully engage in sustainable development in an economically efficient, socially, as well as culturally acceptable manner. The approach combines theoretical orientation with practical connection; the outcome being students gaining hands-on experience with a range of practical techniques.

The theme cuts across three levels - the Bachelor, the Master and PhD-level.


At the undergraduate level, the thematic area umbrella projects in the following prongs:


Architectural Drawings And Design

Technical Drawing

Architectural Communication

Building Design Studios

Integrated Design Studios

Elemental Building Services

Building Science

Building Materials

Building Services

Building Fixtures

Building Finishes

Materials Science

Construction Materials

Building Technology

Civil Engineering Construction

Reinforced Concrete Structural Design

Theory Of Structures

Civil Engineering Technology

Principles Of Structural Design

Physical Environment In Building Design