The state of Kenya’s urban transport system and most African countries has induced numerous challenges to its users. The challenges range from, time wasted in traffic jams, frequent increases in prices of fuel, exploitation of bus fares, air pollution which has consequently led to respiratory diseases, safety and security concerns, noise from public vehicles, parking challenges and mobility difficulties. The study acknowledges the efforts made by the government in collaboration with the urban planners to resolve this problem and the difficulties they face in their efforts to rectify it. The research aims at seeking and providing alternative green modes of transportation and how they can be integrated into Nairobi’s transport system to reduce vehicular traffic as well as human traffic. The research sought to find out whether over relying on one mode of transport has led to traffic congestion and whether providing alternative green modes of transportation will consequently reduce traffic.

The literature review in deed presented that there are factors that contribute to adopting green transportation. Key among the factors was an enabling policy framework, financial support, public awareness and the presence of road infrastructure that facilitates the modes of green transportation.

The research was carried out in Nairobi, C.B.D and data was collected by administering of questionnaires to the city commuters, passersby’s and the policy makers. The data was collected, analyzed and presented using statistical tables, pie charts, graphs and statements. From the findings, the study found out that there are a few existing green modes of transportation and the respondents found and thought of all modes to be convenient, effective, affordable, enjoyable and time and energy saving. Additionally, the study also found out that there is the need to rectify and advance Nairobi’s transport system by making it more resilient and sustainable.

The study recommends radical solutions to solving the traffic menace and hopes that Nairobi City will rise up to provide greener, safer, more convenient and connected transport. Promising innovative technologies could be the ultimate solution, but before such innovations come to fruition, the world can play a significant role by utilizing eco-friendly modes of transportation.