This research is on the potential of 3D house printing technology as an appropriate building technology approach in the Kenyan construction industry. It seeks to curb some challenges faced in the construction industry by introduction of new technology. The objectives of this research included to assess the current state of 3D printing technology and examine the extent to which it can replace traditional methods of construction in Kenya, to determine the benefits of the adoption of the 3D printing technology to the Kenyan construction industry and to examine the factors hindering the adoption of 3D printing in Kenya.
The literature review made known that without a doubt there are factors that would contribute to the adoption of this technology. Fundamental among the factors was the current state of 3D print technology of construction in Kenya, the benefits of the adoption of 3D print technology to the Kenyan construction industry and the factors obstructing the adoption of 3D print technology in Kenya.
The research was carried out in Nairobi County. Data collection was by use of questionnaires to Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Contractors and the assembled data analysed and discoursed using statistical tables, bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs and statements.
From the conclusions, many respondents agreed that 3D print technology construction can be a popular choice of construction method in Kenya. It was also established that the materials which would facilitate the use of this technology are easy to get to the people with respect to availability and cost, nonetheless it was noted that there is insufficient awareness on 3D print technology, there is a stumpy interest of the technology in the industry and the present state of legislature governing technology construction is not making mention of 3D printing technology.  
Recommendations to encourage the uptake of 3D printing technology were to build up research efforts on 3DPT, construction professionals should make available opportunities for the use of 3DPT and other ABMTs in order to validate their faith in these technologies and the government should evaluate the existing legislature on construction using technology in Kenya.